Checklist for Grooms During the Wedding Day

With all the energy, time, and thought that you have poured into planning one of your most special days, it would be a waste if you leave something behind despite the preparations. Here are some of the essential details for the groom that you should never forget. In order to tell the entire story of your wedding day, it is equally important to capture photos of the groom while getting ready and the details similar to how important it is for the bride. Here is a checklist of details that any groom should have on his wedding day.  


A lot of grooms thoroughly think about their cufflinks and usually, they are a gift from the bride. Hence, ensure to have these items with you so that they will also be photographed. If you are wearing any lapel pins, it is also one of those details that are worth remembering. 

Bowtie or tie 

Make sure to have your bowtie or tie with you in the suite of the groom and wait until your photographer arrives to put it on.  


If you want fun patterned socks, make sure to have it captured. They are great if you want to incorporate so much personality and a great addition of color to the pictures. If you don’t like printed or patterned socks, you can opt for selecting dark colors. Refrain from using white since they usually draw attention. 


This is probably one of the rule of thumb in the wedding and makes sure to never forget your shoes. Make sure to shine your shoes prior to the wedding event, particularly if you have already worn them a lot of times. 


Work with your hired florist to deliver you some boutonnieres in the suite of the groom. This is always a good touch to be included in your picture and it incorporates a pop of color. 

Pocket square 

It’s simple to spend and forget most of the wedding day just a bit apparent so you will really want to take pictures of your pocket square before you place it in your pocket. 

 Keepsakes, gifts, notes, and letters 

If you and your significant other exchanged gifts before you prepare, you should bring whatever they are. Or if you are planning to exchange gifts later during the wedding day, bring the gift and letter that you’ve written and you plant to give to your significant other and have it captured for you to have a remembrance of what you’ve shared during your wedding day. Ultimately, ensure that you have any special mementos or keepsakes from the day you want to be captured with you. This is the ideal time to bring your watch or fraternity pin documented and captured.  

Those are some of the checklists that you should not forget as a groom on your wedding day. As you prepare and pack for your wedding, make sure to take all the details mentioned above within one bag or box in advance to make sure that you have not left one of them. And to capture the best photos during your special day, hire the Evanston Wedding Photography now.